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Positive Penguins

Group Program

Positive Penguins

Positive Penguins aims to encourage the development of social skills, emotional self-regulation and resilience in children aged 4-7 years.

Similar emotional educational programs are typically linked to positive developmental outcomes with respect to social competence, behaviour, self-esteem, school engagement and academic performance.

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Positive Penguins Group Program Inclusions

The program consists of eight sessions during which children learn a variety of skills that help them:

  • Identify and understand their own and others’ feelings (empathy);
  • Self-calm and relax to cope with unpleasant emotions;
  • Be friendly and caring towards others;
  • Encourage positive thinking;
  • Solve problems when things don’t go to plan.


The program also includes a concurrent program for parents and joint parent-child activity at the end of every session. The parent program is designed to assist parents to understand the skills their child is learning and discuss strategies for incorporating these skills into daily living.