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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an integrative health modality that incorporates Chinese philosophies, energy medicine techniques, acupressure points, massage, nutrition and counselling to shift energy blocks and restore a healing balance to the whole body.

Kinesiology originated as a Chiropractic technique called Applied Kinesiology in the 1960’s and then Touch for Health in 1970’s.

Muscle testing is a core feature of kinesiology and today kinesiology is an expanding holistic modality with many types of specialisations.


What are the benefits of Kinesiology?

Some clients report that Kinesiology is emotionally uplifting and they feel a physical relief as the body relaxes and releases stored tensions from the neuromuscular system.

Entrenched patterns of stress in the body may be unlocked and the body’s cellular memory is cleared which restores the flow of healing energy. This often has an empowering impact on people who feel invigorated to pursue their goals.


What can you expect?

The initial appointment is usually 90 minutes. This session explores your personal history and identifies the goals of treatment.

In consultation with the client goals are prioritised and a treatment plan is discussed.

Follow-up consultations are generally 60 minutes.

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Balancing energetic pathways that invigorate the body’s innate healing process.