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Eating Disorders & Weight Management

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Eating Disorders & Weight Management

Eating disorders are extremely complex and deeply affect the quality of life and well-being of children, adolescents and their families.

While the major eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, being overweight or obese during childhood and adolescence is also a growing problem that involves a wide range of negative physical and psychosocial problems that span the life course.

At Young Minds we are always reviewing the psychology of eating disorders and weight management so we know that diet and exercise are only part of the story.

Hence, our psychologists are trained to use a combination of CBT and other therapeutic techniques to help replace unhealthy eating and activity with healthier lifestyle choices and natural body acceptance.

Our in-house dietitian will often work closely with our clients and their families so that they receive adequate nutritional advice to support change, build self-confidence and help them maintain their goals.


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The Body Project

The Body Project is designed to help adolescent young women, aged 14-19 challenge the ‘thin beauty ideal’ that pervades modern mainstream culture and empower the development of a healthy body image.

The program aims to reduce body dissatisfaction, negative mood, dieting behaviour, and eating disorder symptoms by shifting common beliefs about beauty.

The program consists of various exercises that aim to challenge the female ‘thin beauty ideal’ during four weekly sessions. These activities are based on a model of cognitive dissonance and have been shown to result in decreased subscription to this ideal alongside reductions in body dissatisfaction, negative mood, and risk of eating disorder development.


Program Outline


Session 1: An introduction to the group and exploration of origins and costs of the appearance ideal

Session 2: Challenging the appearance ideal

Session 3: Building skills to respond to personal body-related concerns and future pressures

Session 4: Developing positive ways of talking about the self and appearance


Components of Intervention


  • Challenge existing beliefs and ideals
  • Explore alternative perspectives
  • Develop positive self-talk skills
  • Boost and encourage ongoing self-worth


The program is run in groups of 6-8 young women aged 14-19.

You can register your interest or secure a place or find out more about the program by contacting us on (07) 3857 0074 or by using the link below.