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Psychological Assessment

At Young Minds, we have a large test library of different assessment measures. This allows our psychologists to tailor assessment to the specific presentation of each client.

Assessment services are available to people of all ages. Types of Assessment we offer include:

  • Cognitive assessments (cognitive functioning, memory)
  • Academic assessments (used to help identify learning difficulties including dyslexia)
  • Autism spectrum assessments
  • ADHD assessments (attention, hyperactivity/impulsivity, executive functioning difficulties)
  • Social, emotional and behavioural assessments (e.g. anxiety, mood, behavioural problems)

What to Expect

Before the Assessment – Initial Interview

The purpose of the initial interview is to obtain background information, current concerns and to develop an assessment plan. Please bring copies of any recent reports to this first session (e.g. School reports, speech therapy reports, occupational therapy reports, and hearing and vision reports). If the assessment is for a child this is a great opportunity for them to meet with the examiner and become comfortable in the environment.

Assessment Sessions

Assessments are completed in 1 or 2 hour sessions depending on the assessment measure and age of the client. It is often necessary to complete several assessment measures, and these may be scheduled over several weeks. Assessment sessions are almost always scheduled in the morning, when people are at their brightest and most alert.

We recommend having a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast prior to assessment sessions.

On the day of the assessment please bring any completed checklists or copies of reports, if requested by the psychologist during the initial interview.  If the assessment is for a child we also suggest bringing a drink and small snack for the child, in the event they require a short break during the assessment.

In the event that your child is sick on the assessment day it is highly advisable to reschedule the assessment to a day when they are feeling better in order to get the most reliable and accurate results.

Assessment sessions are completed individually in a quiet room, free from distractions. Parents who accompany their child for assessment are welcome to wait in the waiting room or return at a specified time (just leave a mobile number with reception).

After the Assessment – Feedback and the Report

After the assessments have been completed, all results are compiled, reviewed and interpreted by the psychologist..

A comprehensive report is prepared and a feedback session offered.

At this session you will be provided with feedback on results. Recommendations, strategies and forward planning will also be discussed during this session. Copies of the report will be provided once all assessment and report payments have been finalised.

It is important to note that further assessments may be recommended based on the results of the completed assessments. Your psychologist will let you know if this necessary

Assessment Fees

For approximate assessment costings, please contact our friendly Client Relations team to discuss your individual assessment needs further.

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