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Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists help children so they can develop skills that help them navigate a broad range of environments.

Many of the children who come to us have a physical or cognitive difficulty. For example, we help children with birth defects, traumatic injuries, sensory processing disorders, development delays, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD just to name a few. We also help fussy eaters, children with toileting troubles and sleep disturbances etc.

Occupational therapy is about working with both the physical and social aspects of the child’s life so therapy is likely to involve parents, siblings or other family members, schools and other professionals in the child’s life. This way the occupational therapist can develop a plan to improve functioning in a way that is meaningful in everyday life.

While Occupational therapists use educational exercises and games in session we have listed below a number of ways they help make a difference in children’s lives:

  • Developing attention skills;
  • Learning to play with others;
  • Improving motor skills needed for everyday self-care tasks;
  • Improving fine motor skills;
  • Improving low muscle tone and/or eye-hand co-ordination;
  • Helping children with sensory processing issues manage in the classroom;
  • Helping fussy eaters become more flexible.

Meet our Occupational Therapists