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Feels valid from 1 July 2023

The Australian Psychological Society 2023-2024 Recommended Schedule of fees has set the standard 46-to-60-minute consultation fee at $300.00. Providing an affordable service is important to us so our fees are set below this recommendation.

51+ Minute Psychology Consultation (including Clinical) $230
25+ Minute Psychological Consultation (including Clinical) $140
51+ Minute Psychological Consultation (Provisional)$150
25+ Minute Psychological Consultation (Provisional)$90
51+ Minute Occupational Therapy Consultation$230
25+ Minute Occupational Therapy Consultation$140
51+ Minute Initial Speech Therapy Consultation$230
25+ Minute Speech Therapy Consultation$140
51+ Minute Mental Health Social Worker Consultation $230
25+ Minute Mental Health Social Worker Consultation $140
51+ Minute Social Worker Consultation $210
25+ Minute Social Worker Consultation $130

Private Health Insurance

Depending on fund and level of cover, Private Health Rebates may be available. Please speak with your insurer for more specific information.  

Medicare Rebates

Medicare includes a range of programs to provide access to allied health services. This requires a referral from a medical practitioner who will work with you to identify the health issue and to then discuss the appropriate referral options and pathways.  

With a Mental Health Care Plan in place, clients can receive up to 10 Medicare Rebates per calendar year for individual psychological therapy, in addition to 10 Medicare Rebates for group psychological therapy. Medicare Rebates can also be processed under a Mental Health Care Plan with our Mental Health Accredited Occupational Therapists. There is no Medicare or Private Health Rebates for clients seeing Provisional Psychologists.

A Chronic Disease Management Plan and/ or a Team Care Arrangement Plan is an alternative referral pathway that has been designed for individuals of any age, with a chronic or terminal medical condition and complex needs, and who are requiring ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team. Eligible clients are able to claim up to 5 Medicare Rebated sessions per calendar year, as referred by their Medical Practitioner.   

Please note that Young Minds is not a Bulk Billing practice and therefore has gap fees associated with all of our Medicare rebated services. For more information about Medicare referral options, please consult with your Medical Practitioner.


We accept Self-Managed and Plan-Managed NDIS Referrals. Please note: For plan-managed referrals, there may be a small out-of-pocket cost to bring the appointment fee in line with our regular fees above. For a more specific quotation for your service, please contact our friendly Client Relations Team.

Assessment Fees

Please download our assessment fee schedule HERE

Group Fees

Group costs very depending on how long it runs for and who is facilitating the group. Please email our Groups Coordinator, Jenny, for specific information about the groups you are interested in.