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Online Therapy

Online therapy on your schedule

While the turbulence of the pandemic has been stressful the last few years, one silver lining that has emerged is the increased availability of online therapy. Online therapy means health services delivered through phone or video platforms. With the Medicare rebate for online services being extended, now is the time to access this valuable service.

Let’s explore one of the key strengths of online therapy, its practicality.

Skip the waitlist

Demand for mental health services has been extremely high due to the deleterious effects of the pandemic. The mental-health sector has struggled to keep up with this demand.

Online therapy enables individuals to search for services beyond their immediate vicinity, reducing the chance of being stuck on waitlists. We have increased our online services and even assigned practitioners to work exclusively through online platforms to meet clients’ needs. Online or telephone appointments can be booked in with less notice than in-person appointments given that travel time does not need to be factored in. This means appointments are more readily available.


Online therapy is practical in how easy it is to use. Our clinicians will send you clear, simple instructions on how to access the service and you can pick what platform best suits your needs (video or telephone). Our friendly client relations officers make payment and Medicare claiming straightforward.


Online therapy fits around your lifestyle. Since online therapy is available from your location you cut out travel time and can more easily fit therapy around work, family, and social commitments. Due to the nature of health services it’s common to spend time waiting in clinics for professionals. In fact, it’s estimated Australians spend 50 million excess hours waiting in waiting rooms.

Online therapy is more convenient since you are within your own home or chosen setting. Online therapy also enables you to proceed with an appointment if you are physically unwell but still require mental-health support.


Online therapy is practical without losing the efficacy of in-person therapy. Studies show that online therapy has comparable effectiveness to traditional therapy for a range of mental health difficulties, including PTSD, anxiety and depression. Therapy works best if there is a strong working relationship between therapist and client. A review of studies found that relationships between clients and clinicians formed via online therapy are no less strong than those formed through in-person therapy. Online means you will be able to continue therapy with the same clinician if you move, saving the time and effort it takes to build this connection with a new professional.


Online therapy is an emerging medium for psychological services. Receiving psychological support through online therapy is a practical option – easier to access, convenient, and still effective. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please contact us on (07) 3857 0074.