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Making bath time a fun way to develop children’s language skills

Making bath time a fun way to develop children’s language skills


Bath time is a golden opportunity for parents to use talking as a means to expose children to a range of language concepts.

Kids love to play at bath time and most households with young children have a bath full of plastic containers, sieves and other toys that become great objects that can be used to demonstrate the concepts and use of early verbs. Words to include in bath time play could include:

Put in; take out; all gone; empty; full; water goes through; boat floats; boat sinks; wash face etc.

You could also try: pour in; tip out; more in; on boat; go under boat/water; dirty; clean; wet; dry; soapy blow bubbles etc.

The idea is to keep your language simple such as “Water all gone. Jug empty.”

This could be followed by: “Fill jug. Tip out. Water all gone. Jug empty again.”

Slow the pace of your talking and allow time for your child to repeat or respond. Keep it relaxed by not asking too many questions or demand that your child speaks.

This is meant to be fun and relaxed learning experience. You may end up wet through with the floor swimming with water but you will have the satisfaction that you have spent some quality time with your child and you will have taught them many basic concepts to help with their language development.

Have fun!!

By Jill Cross, Speech Pathologist
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