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About Us

Young Minds Health and Development Network is one of the most diverse allied health centres Brisbane has to offer.  We are a team of well qualified and highly experienced psychologists and allied health clinicians who work as a team to help improve the psychosocial health needs of our clients.

We focus on improving the well-being of our clients so that they gain a positive sense of self which helps to facilitate the ability to manage difficult life circumstances.

Our clients receive the best possible evidenced-based treatment for a full range of mental health disorders,  clinical conditions, disabilities and other life difficulties.

Our services cover all age groups across the lifespan including children, adolescents and adults as well as families, couples and groups.

Clients benefit from the diversity of our team. This allows us to provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach. For complex needs, our Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Dietitians work together to appreciate the client’s whole story, and  we develop a personalised treatment strategy accordingly.

Young Minds Health and Development Network Clinic was founded in 2008 by Di O’Malley. At that time, Di noticed that parents in the local community tended to obtain a range of treatment and assessment services for their children from a diverse range of private practice professionals scattered around the surrounding suburbs. This meant that parents were often inconvenienced by travelling between practitioners who could be located at some distance apart.

Hence, Di’s dream of  a “one stop shop” was born and Young Minds was created. Parents now have the opportunity to consult with a group of professionals who can communicate directly and plan comprehensive treatment protocols to best meet the needs of the client and their families. At Young Minds we strive to continue this practice to this day.

The teams’ services and diversity of skills have grown over the years and we now have four clinics across North Brisbane and Moreton Bay allowing people of all ages to access our comprehensive professional therapy services.

For more details about how we can assist you or your family, please visit our Services page.

The Young Minds team
The Young Minds Network Team – 2020